How to deal with Alopecia with 4C hair


I am here to share a little bit of what I do to my hair while I deal with Alopecia. I have a very mild case in my crown area. I really do not wear my hair. I wear wigs, and I make my wigs according to how I feel. When I am not wearing my wigs, I am wearing removable ponytails or even a headband wig. The options are endless.

In this video I created a mini removable wig. This unit gives me the option to wear my natural hair out around my perimeter or I can just braid all of my hair to the back and just attach it with bobby pins and combs.

You may be asking why don't I just sew the unit down? I choose shampoo my hair every 7-10 days. I find by shampooing my hair more often  keepis my tresses moisturized and it helps me keep my my hair on my head. I am also able to wear other styes when I am wearing my hair braided back as well. To discuss more about what you can do with your hair, or join a community of women please visit my Facebook group!!