L&S Hair Designs/Extensions/Wigs/Hair Loss Specialist

L&S Hair Designs/Extensions/Wigs specializes in promoting healthy beautiful hair. Our clientele offers services to individuals who suffer with or without thinning hair. To learn more about my own personal journey with hair-loss please visit any of the places I hang out on:

We offer non surgical hair replacement options that are removable and semi permanent for up to six weeks at a time.

Hair thinning can be embarrassing and also depressing. We are very personable, private and available to answer any questions or concerns! Some hair loss can be reversed, while other types of hair loss are permanent.  There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair loss such as  self inflicted, hormonal, hereditary, thyroid issues, chemotherapy, medications and auto immune diseases.


We offer partial and full wigs that are removable and can be applied for six weeks at a time. Wig and partial wigs require consultations via zoom or Facetime.  Thanks for inquiring!!