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Who is Shiry?
Hello, my name is Shiry, a God fearing wife, mother and entrepreneur. I am wife with  4 adult  children, a teenager and two grandchildren. I graduated Wilfred Beauty Academy in 1990. I specialized in promoting natural healthy hair before I began making wigs. My passion is making individuals feel even more empowering by enhancing their crown with or without hair extensions while still taking care of their beautiful tresses.
How did I discover my hairloss?
I discovered my hair loss about 10 years ago. You may be asking where or how did I get it? One of the side affects of  taking the Depo Povera birth control shot was hair loss, along with depleting my body of Vitamin D.
When did I decide to began making wigs?
I chose to began making wigs  in 2015, I wanted to make wigs that were customized by me. I decided to create them for my customers and for me. I hand make  and now I sell them. 





Salon Address:

L&S Hair Designs/Extensions/Wigs

P.O.Box 1011

Hearne, Texas 77859