Curl Rehab

Welcome to Curl Rehab!

If you landed on this page you are inquiring about taking care of your natural curls. You have natural curls and don't even realize it. I decided to do the big chop on March 17, 2020.




I accidentally cut off a crochet braid on September 19, 2019. After that incident I continued to wear my hair in protective styles. The excessive protective styling left my hair severely dehydrated.

This epiphany woke me up. When I turned 51, I decided to cut my hair and wear it in it's natural state. I had been dealing  with relaxers the majority of my career and had no idea about natural tight waved or tight coiled hair. I invested in education in August 2021 and have not looked back since.

I began a process called curl rehab. Curl rehab is where you prepare your hair to be hydrated on a regular basis. Hydration is NOT with hair products, it begins with "WATER." WATER starts the process, without water nothing grows or thrives and that is what my hair needed.

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