How long does it take to complete a unit?

A unit can take from 7-14 days. If there is extra services like color or hair out of stock the order can be prolonged. An email will be sent with a step by step process until the finish product of some units.

How to Order a Custom Wig?

Know your head measurements. They determine the cap size of the unitDownload the Form here!

Email : ShirilynDykes@me.com

Text: 979-814-0420


What is a Custom Wig?

A custom wig means you come into the salon to have a mold made. The mold is then sent to our factory.


What are the type of Wigs you offer?

Bonded Units (Latex Glue)

Machine Sewn-Made in salon on sewing maching


What is a bonded /glued Unit?

Bonded Units are for individuals who are NOT allergic to Latex products. If you are allergic to Latex do not order. Another adhesive will have to be used. Please email:



What is a Machine Sewn Unit?

Unit is sewn on sewing machine. The units are the site are made by me unless otherwise stated



What is a Ready to Ship Unit?

A unit that was displayed and never worn accept for photo's